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Father and Son Team Produce Rodent Radio  -  The Halloween Special Episode of Genuine Mouse Radio
By John and Finn Straley « Prev   Page 5 of 6   Next »

FX: rustling through candy; Eeek and Squeak stuffing face

Eeek: Boy howdy, do I love Halloween. Hand me some more candy Squeak.

Squeak: What do you want? Tootsie Cheese? Cheese crunch? Cheese-n-ettes?

Eeek: Naw. Hand me some of those Cheesey Ruths and maybe a couple of Cheese Savers to chase ‘em.

Squeak: I don’t know. I’ve been eating a lot of candy the last couple of days. Do you think I should cut back?

Eeek: Cut back? Why? Have any of your teeth fallen out?

Squeak: Only a couple. Want another Cheese Burst?

Eeek: No that’s okay, I’ll take one of those other bags of -- what do you call them?

Squeak: Cheese’n’ M’s. They’re my favorite; but I’ll trade you three bags of Cheesey Ranchers and a two cheese breakers for my bag of Cheese’n’ M’s.

Eeek: No Way!! I’ll give you a fromage pop.

FX: Alarm clock ringing.

Eeek and Squeak together: (gasp) We’ve got to get to our show!!!

FX: Filing and rattling. Music up and under.

FX: Music down

Announcer: Okay, that’s about it for Music for Marsupials. So, if you have any requests from the pouch, save them for next week. We just have one muskeg message. It’s from Jan to Otis: "Stay, stay. I’ve asked but they won’t let you on the airplane. Stay." Okay, that’s about it for…

FX: Commotion, mice break in

Announcer: Hey you kids, where did you get those realistic mice costumes?

Squeak: What are you blind? Look at these ears! Look at our size, we’re only three inches tall. We are mice, bi-ped head.

Announcer: Oh, I thought you were pretty short.

FX: Tape stripping off and mumbling

Eeek: That’s right Captain Trips. We’re that popular rodent comedy team of Eeek and Squeak, and we’re here to do our TV show. Hey, Squeak, grab the control panel and give me another one of those fromage pops.

Squeak: Right Eeek. (stuffing face). Okay, you’re on camera and we’re going live in Five, four, three, two, one…It’s magic time.

Eeek: (stuffing face) Just hand me another Tootsie Cheese.
Hey you kids, whatever you’re doing, cut it out! It’s time for GENUINE MOUSE RADIO.

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