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Writing and Empathy: Reflections on the Special Olympics  -  Special Olympics Poetry
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'Skier' by Devon Curtright, 5 years

The Spirit of the Games

By Tony Costello
Ursa Major, grade 6

I’m proud to play.
I try my hardest
to win the event.
Nothing can stop me from
I can do it.
I can do anything.
I may be different
but I can win.
Just for trying makes me
a winner in my heart.

'Hockey' by Max Osgood, 5 years

What Special Olympics Means

By Cami Adams
Chugach Optional, grade 6


This is what Special Olympics means to me.

Special Olympics

By Shoshana Keegan
Chugach Optional, grade 6

Here in Anchorage Alaska
The Special Olympics came.
They came to play their special games,
And boy did they do well.
But now that they are gone
We all go home and think
What an opportunity we had
To be evolved in the Special Olympics.

'Cross-Country Skier' by Anneliese Eckmann, 3rd grade


By Austen Krick
Ursa Major, grade 6

They are brave.
They are strong.
They can run
And jump real long.

They can be fat.
They can be small.
They can be skinny
And very tall.

They are Olympians
Because they try.
Though they might finish last
They see no need to cry.

For they have succeeded
By crossing the finish line
They received a medal
Because they kept trying.

My Special Olympics Poem

By Samantha Kemplen
Chugach Optional, grade 6

Nobody is ever left out

They are always nice to each
other, and never scream or shout

So that is what the Special
Olympics are all about

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