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Making a Cookbook  -  In the Test Kitchen
By Amy Glen « Prev   Page 4 of 5   Next »

Photo from Electric Bread for Kids is of Amy with her Christmas tree rolls.
When we first went to the Electric Bread Test Kitchen, we would put our tee-shirts on (mine was green) and our aprons (the aprons were black with a little gold and red electric bread sign on them). Then we went into the kitchen area and followed the recipe Ann gave us.

The recipe she gave us in the morning was always a whole loaf of bread. Then we got into a big group to talk about the recipes, how easy they were or if they were too hard or anything else about them that might need to be changed. After that, we would make something fun like dough animals, pretzels or snowflakes.

Some days we had our photos taken. Everyone had their photo taken holding a certain loaf of bread that looked perfect (mine was ginger bread). We also had our photos taken holding something fun we had made. Sometimes, we had our hands photographed in a certain position so the person who was reading the book would be able to see what to do. Oh yes, we also had a group photo taken.

I had three fun bread projects in the book: a Christmas tree of sweet rolls with sprinkles all over, a wreath of sweet rolls that had sprinkles all over, and clover leaf dinner rolls (rolls made from three little dough balls that you put in a muffin pan). My favorite part of the day was going home with a big pan full of yummy things to eat!

Photo from Electric Bread for Kids is of Amy with her Christmas tree rolls.

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