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By European standards, Alaska is still a babe, its history of non-Native settlement spanning only a few centuries, and its largest city less than ten decades old. Follow the trail of governmental and military activity from the Russian Alaska days, to the U.S. purchase of "Seward’s Folly," to World War II action and, finally, to statehood in 1959.
Making of Alaska
Walk through history of the Last Frontier, from first contact between Alaska Natives and non-Natives, to the last great wave of settlement during the construction of the Trans-Alaska Pipeline.
Alaska Statehood
This feature is a sampling of the wealth of historical photographs, oral histories, moving images, documents and other materials gathered for Alaska's Digital Archives from libraries, museums and archives throughout the state.
With the formal transfer of Alaska from Russia to the United States, the federal government sent Army officers for a temporary government.

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