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Teaching and Learning

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Four Elementary Bilingual/ESl Exercises  -  Home Language Exercise
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Home Language Exercise

By LaVon Bridges

When ESL students from other countries come to schools in The United States, it is important to stress previous knowledge of a home language. When students are able to show they know how to write well in their native language, their self-esteem is bolstered. Writing about their life in their home country can also be a valuable experience, as they as able to teach those around them more about where they have come from and their culture.

In this exercise, students should recall an experience that is common to both their home country and The United States, such as school, home, or work. Keeping things short, the student should first write a paragraph in their home language, and then translate it into English. In doing this, students are able to learn, firsthand, the major grammar differences between their first language and English; they also begin to practice the valuable skill of translation. Students can also draw a picture to illustrate and accompany their writings allowing the student yet another outlet for creative expression.

Kosovo schoolExample
By Elinda Hetemi, bilingual student

In Albanian
Në Kosovë shkollat janë të mdha. Në Kosovë atje nuk kena pushim. Na vetëm mësojna. Por nuk i kena mé shumë se zorë me mësu. Matematika është shumë e zortë. Kemi problema në shumë mynyra. Per detyra të shtëpies kemi shumë detyra. Na duhet me ngrënë bukë në shtëpi në mënghes. Tari masandej, kur të dolim prej shköller mundësh te blesh një hamburger ose të shkojsh të ngrënerh në shtëpi. Ka qenë shkollë shumë e mir¨. Em´rin e ka jasë "Ghon Serreqi."

Translation In English
In Kosovo, the schools are very big. In Kosovo there we don’t have recess. We just learn. But we don’t have more than two hours to learn. The "mathematic" is very hard. We have problems -- hard ones. For homework, for home, we have lots of them. We have to eat food at home in the morning. Then when we get ready to go home we have to buy a hamburger at the store or go and eat at home. It was a very good school. It was called "Ghon Servegi."

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