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Four Elementary Bilingual/ESl Exercises  -  The Frank Family Goes Into Hiding: A Play
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The Frank Family Goes Into Hiding: A Play

By Jorge Rea-ville, Jeanette Bulaong, Maria Dekhtiar, Ji Min Hwang, Maribel Sanchez, Paula Moevao, Pauline Moevao, J-an Bulaong, Araceli Soza, Ivan Vargas, Kristel Nelvis, Miguel Robles, Carla Ruiz, Patricia Puna, Ariana Pena, Frankie Perez, Justin Kim, Tautau Aholelei, Carla Sulivaz, and Kristina Kuripko
Bilingual Students at Willowcrest Elementary School

This play is based on the true story of the Frank family that lived in Holland at the time of the Nazi invasion. Sources include The Diary of Anne Frank, books about the Frank family, the video of the original drama, and historical facts.

Cast of the playCAST
Anne Frank
Margot Frank
Otto Frank
Edith Frank
Peter Van Daan
Mr. Van Daan
Mrs. Van Daan
Dr. Dussel
Miep Gies
Soldiers (two or more)


Narrator: Anne Frank was born on June 12, 1929, in Frankfurt am Main, Germany. She had parents named Otto and Edith and an older sister named Margot. Anne’s father was a businessman and had been a German army officer during World War I.

(Characters are walking, then they freeze and one by one step forward to introduce themselves.)

Anne Frank: We moved to Amsterdam, Holland, to get away from the Nazi Party and Hitler. We were forced to wear yellow stars on our clothes because the Nazis followed. They invaded Holland, too. We could not go to movies, ride on buses, trains, automobiles, or even bicycles. We could not go into the swimming pools, attend Dutch schools, and all because we were Jews!

Margot Frank: Hi, my name is Margot Frank. I have a sister named Anne Frank and my parents, Mr. and Mrs. Frank. We were in hiding behind my Dad’s office for at least two and a half years. We were hiding because of the Nazis. Nazis were everywhere killing people and putting them in concentration camps. You were not even safe in your own house!

Otto Frank: My name is Otto Frank. I am the father of two beautiful young girls named Anne and Margot. I have a wonderful and pretty wife named Edith Frank. I was responsible for my family and friends going into hiding.

Edith Frank: I am Edith Frank. I was scared of the Nazis and afraid for all the people who died. I might die if we are discovered.

Peter Van Daan: My family and I went into hiding with the Franks. When we first went into hiding, I though Margot was the most beautiful girl in the world. I liked to tease Anne. Later I liked her a lot.

Mr. Van Daan: My name is Mr. Van Daan. I am Peter’s father. I didn’t like hiding because I couldn’t buy special things and there wasn’t enough food.

Mrs. Van Daan: I am Mrs. Van Daan. I brought my fur coat that my father gave me, but my husband sold it for money to buy special things he liked and for food. When I was a young girl, I was very, very pretty and popular with the boys. Mr. Van Daan thought I was beautiful.

Dr. Dussell: My name is Dr. Dussell, and I am a dentist. Mr. and Mrs. Frank asked me to hide out with them. Peter had a cat, and I hate cats. I’m allergic to cats. (Sneeze.)

Miep Gies: My name is Miep. I worked for Mr. Frank in his office. I helped the Franks and Van Daans while they were in hiding. I am the one who found Anne’s diary after the Franks and their friends were discovered.


Otto: Miep, can you keep a secret?

Miep: Yes, Mr. Frank. What is it?

Otto: Can you look for a place for us to hide? I don’t want my family to be put in a concentration camp. I want them to be safe.

Miep: Yes, I’ll help you hide.


Otto: Happy Birthday, Anne. Here is your gift.

Anne: O-o-o-o thank you, Papa. It is my first diary. I never had one before!

Margot: Anne, it could be your last birthday.

Anne: What do you mean?

Edith: Oh, Margot! I told you not to talk about it.

Anne: What?

Otto: Anne, daughter, we are thinking about going into hiding behind my office.

Anne: What about school?

Edith: O-o-o-o you will study.


(The girls are studying around the table. Miep is standing up with the books.)

Miep: Otto, I have got more books for the kids to study.

Otto: Thank you, Miep.

Edith: Don’t forget to take the old ones back.

Anne: Do you have any magazines?

Miep: Sorry, Anne, not this time.

Otto: Anne, Margot, go get your math books.

Anne: Papa, do we have to study now?

Margot: Yes, Anne, let’s go.

Edith: Anne, do you now what is 8 x 7?

Anne: 42.

Margot: No, it’s 56.

Edith: Anne, you should study more like Margot.


Narrator: They were studying in their room, and Mr. Frank was helping them.

Anne: Dad, I miss my friends.

Otto: Don’t’ worry, you’ll see them when we go back. Now go get your math book, and you too, Margot.

(The girls leave the room.)

Otto: Edith, Anne really misses her friends.

Edith: Don’t worry, she’ll get used to it.

(Anne re-enters the room followed by Peter.)

Peter: Anne, can I help you with your assignment?

Anne: No thanks, I’m almost done. But thanks for trying to care about me.

Otto: Anne, are you done with your assignment?

Anne: Yes, Daddy, I am done. Dad, is supper ready?

Otto: Yes, Anne. Could you tell Margot, please?

Anne: Yes, Dad.

(Anne and Peter leave the room and go aside to where Margot is standing.)

Anne: I miss going to school. When will we go back to school? I am bored here where we are hiding, and I have to live with my father being a teacher.

Margot: Anne, let’s study our homework that father gave us yesterday in spelling, English, and math.

Anne: I need to finish my English. I did finish my spelling and math today. Can you help me Margot?

Margot: …but I have to do everything!

Anne: Ooooo!

(Peter enters the room.)

Peter: You, Margot and Anne, forgot to do your science assignment.

Anne: Thank you for reminding me about my science assignment.

(Margot speaks to the audience.)

Margot: I knew that we had to do science, but I did not want her to do it so she would get into trouble.


Narrator: They were talking about bombs.

Mrs. Van Daan: I wouldn’t worry about bombs if I were you, because I’m not scared of bombs.

Anne: Oh yeah! I saw you under the chair last night.

Mrs. Van Daan: Have some more vegetables.

Anne: I’ve got plenty more.

Edith: Don’t talk to Mrs. Van Daan like that!

Anne: You know I don’t like her!

Edith: Why don’t you act like Margot? She is always quiet. She eats vegetables. She is not skinny like you. She does her homework and gets good grades.

Anne: Margot! Margot! She is always right! She’s the best for you. I am always wrong, and I am always fighting. My dad cares more about me than you do!

(Anne runs out of the room.)

Mrs. Van Daan: If Anne were my daughter, I would teach her to have proper manners.

(Anne sticks her head into the room and yells…)

Anne: I heard that!

(Edith turns to Mrs. Van Daan and says…)

Edith: I don’t believe I asked for your opinion.


Otto: Edith, do you remember Dr. Dussel, the dentist?

Edith: Yes, I do. Why?

Otto: He has to move and wants to go into hiding with us.

Edith: Yes, we will help him.

Mrs. Van Daan: Oh yeah! Where is he going to sleep? He doesn’t have a bed here.

Edith: Well, then we will let him share a room with Anne, and move Margot into our room. He can have Margot’s bed.


Mr. Van Daan: Miep, we need more food and other valuable items.

Miep: But you need to give me some things to sell.

Mr. Van Daan: Wait a minute. (He turns to go out of the room.)

Mrs. Van Daan: Where are you going?

(He does not answer, but returns carrying a fur coat.)

Mrs. Van Daan: No! Don’t sell my coat! That’s the only valuable thing left I have. My dad gave this to me!!

(Mr. Van Daan gives the coat to Miep.)

Mr. Van Daan: Here’s a fur coat to buy some food and plenty more things.


(The lights are down. Mr. Van Daan is sneaking food and eating it. Mrs. Frank hears him and enters the room.)

Edith: Look at him! He had been stealing food! I want him out of here now. (She is shouting and very angry.)

Otto: Edith, where would they go?

Edith: I don’t care! I want them out now! So, get out!!

Mrs. Van Daan: Please don’t make us move! The Gestapo will arrest us.

(Aside, Peter turns to Anne.)

Peter: Anne, please tell your mom not to kick us out. If she does, they will arrest us and put us in a concentration camp till we die.

Anne: I’ll try to convince her.

Edith: Peter, you could stay with us.

Peter: But if my family goes, I’ll go with them.

Edith: Okay, only because of you, but if your dad is stealing food, I am going to kick them out, and I don’t care if you go with them!

Peter: I’ll tell him. (Goes to tell his dad.) Dad, Dad! I have good news.

Mr. Van Daan: What is it, Peter?

Peter: Dad, we don’t have to go. We can stay here, but Dad, don’t steal any more food.

(He looks for his wife.)

Mr. Van Daan: We can stay here.

Mrs. Van Daan: Oh yeah? I’m going to thank Edith. No thanks to you!


Narrator: It was one of those nights when everyone was sleeping or reading. Then they heard a loud knock on the door.

(Knocking is heard.)

Anne: Margot, is that you?

Margot: No, I thought it was you.

Otto: Hurry, get your things.

Edith: Oh, no.

Narrator: The door flew open. Three Nazi soldiers came in the door and told them to get their stuff and took them away. That was the last time Anne ever saw her diary.

(Action takes place.)

Narrator: The Nazis took all the silverware and tore up the place. They dropped the diary on the floor and left it.

(Action takes place.)

Narrator: Miep came in the Annex and saw her diary and kept it. That was the last time she saw the women in the family.

(Action takes place.)


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