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Teaching and Learning

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Literature Circles  -  Literature Circles Scoring Guide
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Literature Circles Scoring Guide

Name: ________________________


Individual Grades



In Progress

Response Journal

Pre-group journal indicates student:

* Has achieved genuine insights as evidenced by insightful interpretations and evaluations of text

* Post-group journal indicates student:

* Has gained richer understanding of the text through group discussion as evidenced by the depth and clarity of the response

* Can evaluate the effectiveness of his /her own contribution to the group discussion

Pre-group journal indicates student:

* Has read text carefully

* Has grasped the main ideas

* Can offer reasonable if sometimes incomplete or questionable interpretations

* Has addressed all required prompts

Post-group journal indicates student:

* Can cite two specific examples that demonstrate a richer understanding of the text after group discussion

* Can clearly state his/her contribution to the group within his/her role

Pre-group journal indicates student:

* Student has not read text carefully -- unable to identify main ideas or interpret text

* One or more of the required prompts have not been addressed

Post-group journal indicates student:

* Is unable to cite specific examples of growth in understanding the text

* Is unable to clearly state the contribution he/she made to the group discussion

Role Sheet

* All of "Meets"

* Responses to assigned tasks indicate that student has achieved a superior and /or unique understanding of the material read

* Role Sheet is complete

* Responses to assigned tasks indicate that student has an adequate understanding of the material

* Student is unprepared for "Literature Circle Discussion" -- material was not read or Role Sheets were unprepared

Habits of
Mind & Work

* Student never needs reminders from the teacher

* Acted as a model to other students

* Encouraged those around him/her to focus on the task at hand

* Highly focused and productive -- took team work seriously

* Texts, journals and Role Sheets are always in hand at the start of class

* All deadlines are met, Role Sheets and Journals are complete

* Student is usually on-task, and requires little, if any, direction from the teacher

* Worked well in group -- productive and cooperative

* Deadlines are not met

* Texts, Journals and Role Sheets are often missing

* Student needs many reminders to stay on task -- student distracts others

* Often not actively involved in group

* Lack of productivity resulted in independent study

Group Standards


Exceeds Standards

Meets Standards

In Progress

Group Skills:
Habits of Work

Group members:

* Worked extremely well

* Provided a model for other students

* Were supportive of one anothers’ views

Group Members:

* Worked well

* Were productive

* Met all objectives

* Planned for next meeting

Group Members:

* Did not function well

* Failed to meet objectives

* Were unable or unwilling to collaborate

* Were off-task


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