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Teaching and Learning

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Literature Circles  -  Attendance Evaluation
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Attendance Evaluation

Literature Circles: To be evaluated by the Discussion Director/or Alternate Facilitator:

Daily Participation Scoring Guide for: ___________________________

Date: _________


Was student prepared for day’s discussion?

Discussion Director/Facilitator: Yes No Comments

Literary Luminary/Alternate Facilitator: Yes No Comments

Character Captain: Yes No Comments

Connector: Yes No Comments

Artful Artist: Yes No Comments

Vocabulary Enricher: Yes No Comments

Group Standards


Meets Standards

Exceeds Standarads

In Progress

Group Skills: Habits of Work

Group Members:
* Worked well
* Were productive
* Met all objectives
* Planned for next meeting
Group Members:
* Worked extremely well
* Provided a model for other students
* Were supportive of one anothers views
Group Members:
* Did not function well
* Failed to meet objectives
* Were unable or unwilling to collaborate
* Were off-task


As a group, assess your work habits for today. Discuss and circle the standard your group met for today. If your group fell into the "IP" category, explain what didn’t work, and make a plan for what you’ll do differently at your next meeting.


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