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Teaching and Learning

Home  >  Teaching and Learning  >  Ordinary Wolves  >  Discussion Questions
Chapter 5
Chapter Summary: 
A pack of wolves disintegrates from hunger and injury. A lone female leaves and finds new territory and caribou. She encounters a strange pack of wolves and they allow her to live, but she doesn't survive the winter.

Discussion Questions:

What does this chapter reveal about the nature of a wolf pack?

Points to Consider:

  • The wolves are sensitive to weakness in their prey and their own pack. They can be kind or brutal depending upon the situation.

Why does the young wolf leave her family?

Points to Consider:

  • The pack is having trouble finding food. She sets off on her own in search of new territory.

How might these sections about the wolves be anthropomorphic representations of Cutuk and his siblings and family and even the children in the village?

Points to Consider:

  • The struggles of the family are similar. They children will head off on their own way and try to survive. The strongest will survive; the weak will die.

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