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Teaching and Learning

Home  >  Teaching and Learning  >  Ordinary Wolves  >  Discussion Questions
Chapter 13
Chapter Summary: 
Cutuk washes up using toilet water in the airport and puts on clothing he purchased from Value Village. He calls January and lies to him, telling him that he just arrived. January picks up Cutuk, borrows some money from him, and takes him to a gas station and then his house. Cutuk learns that his father gave January the plane that January used to fly Cutuk's mother away.

Discussion Questions:

Discuss Cutuk's initial observations about what living in Anchorage would mean for him and is that a real assessment? (p. 160)

Points to Consider:

  • He thinks he needs a job, car, house, wife, and friends, and then can hunt and fish or go to the opera.
  • A job for Cutuk to this point meant working to eat. Now he would be working to acquire things and gain status.

What does Cutuk's interaction in the convenience store reveal?

Points to Consider:

  • This is a great scene in how Cutuk's naïveté and innocence are illustrated. He expects the store to operate like a store in the village, and isn't ready for the cashier's rude response or the other man's laughter. Another aspect revealed is that Cutuk has never seen an African-American woman.

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