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Teaching and Learning

Home  >  Teaching and Learning  >  Ordinary Wolves  >  Discussion Questions
Chapter 17

Chapter Summary:  Lance teaches Cutuk to dance, and he begins to fall for Cheryl. She asks him about what kind of wolves he's seen and he tells her, "Ordinary wolves." The two make love, and for once Cutuk feels connected and wanted.

Discussion Questions:

How is Lance an important character for Cutuk?

Points to Consider:

  • Cutuk has never really had a friend he can confide in. Lance also helps Cutuk figure out the new language of city life, gives him dating pointers, and provides much needed friendship. Also, he "feels safe" in his presence, and this is something new for Cutuk. (p. 197)

What does Cutuk's order of "silvertea" expose? (p. 197)

Points to Consider:

  • Again these are Abe's values shining through Cutuk. He orders just hot water, "something for nothing."

Other than teaching him to dance, what does Lance reveal to Cutuk in the bathroom of Blues Central? (p. 202)

Points to Consider:

  • He tells Cutuk that he's not the only one who is searching to find himself and someone to love.
  • He also reminds Cutuk what he's missed in his life, human touch.

What revelation does Cutuk have in the bar among all the white people? (p. 203)

Points to Consider:

  • He realizes that he's white and physically he fits in, but that inside he feels "alien."

Discuss Kantner's choice for the title Ordinary Wolves. (p. 205)

Points to Consider:

  • The title comes in dialog when Cutuk has the opportunity to tell Cheryl all his wolf stories, but he holds back and just says, "Ordinary wolves," and then kisses her. The title also holds extra weight here because for the first time he is decisive. He doesn't lament not telling her all that he wants to, he just doesn't and then kisses her.

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