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Teaching and Learning

Home  >  Teaching and Learning  >  Ordinary Wolves  >  Discussion Questions
Chapter 26

Chapter Summary:  Cutuk puts up with village life by housesitting and doing odd jobs.  Melt Wolfglove nearly froze to death the night Lumpy killed himself. Iris and her intuition saved him. He returns to the village a changed man, sober and kind, even to Cutuk. Cutuk takes a young photographer out on the tundra. He gets the idea to buy Dawna a camera, and learns from Crazy Joe that Jesus Creek has lead, zinc, or uranium and will probably be mined.

Discussion Questions:

Now that he's older, why do you think Cutuk is continuing to struggle with what to do with himself?

Points to Consider:

  • He still can't fit in. He is an "ex-hunter" and no longer has the need to hunt the way he used to, but still he can't bring himself to get a normal job.

What transformation has happened at the Wolfglove home?

Points to Consider:

  • Melt has sobered up since nearly dying on the night of Lumpy's suicide, owing his survival to Iris. He's kind to Janet and welcoming and friendly to Cutuk.

What does meeting Alice do for Cutuk?

Points to Consider:

  • She gives him the idea to purchase a camera for Dawna, but she also validates his existence and his love for the land and the animals.

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