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Teaching and Learning

Home  >  Teaching and Learning  >  Ordinary Wolves  >  Discussion Questions
Chapter 27

Chapter Summary:  A hunter wrecks his plane while shooting a moose in front of Cutuk's home.  Cutuk goes for help and returns with Search and Rescue. The hunter offers to give them the moose meat for their troubles if they will mail the antlers to him in Anchorage. Cutuk tricks him into going to Takunak with the men to mail the antlers himself. Cutuk flies the plane to Uktu to give the camera to Dawna.

Discussion Questions:

What has changed in the way that Cutuk now views visitors from back when he was a child?

Points to Consider:

  • Visitors were a rare occurrence and they brought news and gifts. Now the visitors are coming to claim land, resources, or game --- or simply just disturbing the peace.

What attitude does the dentist have towards Cutuk, the people helping him, and his trophy moose?

Points to Consider:

  • He expects them to be impressed with him and thankful for him sharing his food and the moose that he did a poor butcher job on. He's not respectful to the men or the animal he's taken.

Why do you think Cutuk steals the plane?

Points to Consider:

  • The plane has presented itself as an opportunity for him to surprise Dawna and all the signs are telling him that is what he should do.
  • The hunter's disrespect for the animal that had been company to Cutuk for the long winter months also probably has something to do with his decision to "borrow" the plane.

What do you think will come of the romance between Cutuk and Dawna?

Points to Consider:

  • It is fall, and they will see each other soon, "after freeze-up," but other than how she smiles at him and how he feels, all we are left with is this sense that they will be together. What is important is that Cutuk is finally at peace with his longing for her.

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