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Writing Myths  -  Writing Myths - Scoring Guide
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Scoring Guide for Writing Myths


or Trickster


Sentence Structure

Writing Conventions


Your story is obviously either a creation or trickster story, based on the definitions agreed upon in class

Your story is well developed and flows smoothly. I can identify a main character, a setting, a conflict and a resolution.

All sentences are correctly written. You used a variety of sentence lengths and constructions.

Spelling is accurate. You used capital letters, commas and end punctuation correctly. Paragraphs are indented. Conversation is correctly punctuated. You have taken care to use correct grammar.


You have mixed the two story types together, or some elements of your chosen type are missing.

You have written an interesting story, but it is difficult to follow at times.

You have used complete sentences and avoided run-ons.

Spelling is accurate, except for some of the harder words. You used capital letters and end punctuation correctly, but you have some comma errors. Paragraphs are indented. There are some grammatical errors.


It is difficult to tell which type of story you have chosen.

Your story is missing some basic elements. I had difficulty enjoying it because too often, I was unsure of what was happening

Some sentences are incomplete, and some run-ons. You have used the same type of sentence over and over, and started too many sentences with "then".

There are careless mistakes in spelling. Your sentences are capitalized and end with the correct punctuation. Incorrect grammar and punctuation make this paper difficult to understand.


You have not shown any understanding of the assignment.

You will have to explain this story to me so that we can rewrite it together.

Many sentences are incorrectly written. It is difficult to understand what you are trying to say.

It is obvious that you haven’t taken the time to edit this paper properly.

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