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Reading and Writing

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Anchorage's Reading Rendezvous  -  2002 Reading Rendezvous Photo Gallery
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Artwork for the Reading Rendezvous sign was by Amy Meissner.
Theo, from the PBS program "Between the Lions"

Kids sign up for the Anchorage Summer Reading Program at the Anchorage Municipal Library table.
Kids make postcards to enter the LitSite Alaska Postcard Contest.
Kids make postcards to enter the LitSite Alaska Postcard Contest.
Musicians play for guests, even in the rain

Photos courtesy of Heather Villars

read a book to a dog at the Friends of Pets booth!
Nancy Killoran shows off her LitSite Alaska tattoo!
Bob Clark shows off his LitSite Alaska tattoos!

Kids decorate door hangers that say "Shh. I'm reading" to take home.

Kids design bookmarks to take home.

Photos courtesy of Heather Villars

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