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Home  >  Reading Workbooks  >  Multiple Skill Levels
This section is applicable for use at Multiple Skill Levels including adult basic education.
Teaching Reading Through Poetry
Claudia Dybdahl with the University of Alaska Anchorage, School of Education lists resources for teachers, suggests generic activities and provides ideas for small group discussion.

Teaching Reading Through Use of Students' Writings
Using student writings as an anchor for instruction is one way of emphasizing that reading and writing are connected. In addition, grounding instruction in student writings provides more meaningful material in which to demonstrate the concept of student as reader and writer.

How to Read a Short Story
Reading specialist Becky Patterson, a UAA professor of English emeritus, offers tips on previewing, reading and remembering short stories.

The Newspaper: A Living Textbook
Kim Holm of the Anchorage Daily News teaches school teachers and parents how to use the newspaper as an educational tool.

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