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Reading and Writing

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Father and Son Team Produce Rodent Radio  -  Viva Las Vegas Episode of Genuine Mouse Radio
By John and Finn Straley « Prev   Page 3 of 6   Next »

FX: Snoring

Squeak: Eeek, wake up. We’ve got a show to do.. I know you’ve been sick for a week but we’ve got a show to do. Come on. Wow, you’ve got a temperature. We’ve got a show to do. (fade) A show to do. A show to do.

FX: music Elvis up and under. Doing a show.

Squeak: Come one, Eeek. Snap out of it. We’ve got a show to do.

Eeek: Squeak, is that you? I dreamed I was in Las Vegas. Wow, I must have a fever. It was a crazy dream.

Squeak: Totally crazy. Do we have everything for the show?

Eeek: Check.

Squeak: White glitter jumpsuits?

Eeek: Check.

Squeak: Chest wigs?

Eeek: Check.

Squeak: Fog machine and spot lights?

Eeek: Check.

Squeak: How about your girdle and the ten pounds of tissue paper?

Eeek: (blowing nose) Check.

Squeak: Then let’s roll cowboy, we’ve got a show to do.

FX: Elvis up and under and sawing on the cage.

FX: Music fade.

Announcer: So that’s it for Irritating Music for Whining Adolescents. Next week we’ll have an entire three hours of loud music to play in your room after you’ve been grounded. We just have time for one muskeg message: It’s for Slash from Bandit, it reads: meet me by Frontier Liquor after all the humans go to sleep. Bring the gear and wait until the coast is clear. This should be a big score…" That’s it for…

FX: Commotion.

Announcer: Hey, what’re these to midgets in jumpsuits doing in the air room?

Eeek: (as Elvis) Thank you, thank you very much. You’re beautiful. But actually, man, we’re two mice dressed as Las Vegas entertainers. Thank you.

Squeak: That’s right. We’re the dynamite comedy team of Eeek and Squeak, the Bad Boys of Baranoff.

Announcer: But you’re mice!

FX: Tape being stripped, struggle and muffling.

Squeak: That’s right, bi-ped. And we’re here to rock your world! Just enjoy the show from the cheap seats. Hey, Eeek, grab camera number one…and take your tissue paper.

Eeek: (blowing nose and sniffling) Thank you, thank you very much. (blowing nose again) hey you kids whatever you’re doing cut it out -- it’s time for GENUINE MOUSE RADIO!!!

This week we are rehearsing for a big talent show. People are encouraged to bring whatever acts they have and we will be accepting "positive feedback on it." Remember, mice can see with their ears.

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