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Father and Son Team Produce Rodent Radio  -  The Cousin Coby Comes to Visit Episode of Genuine Mouse Radio
By John and Finn Straley « Prev   Page 4 of 6   Next »

FX: Cartoon Soundtrack, Eeek and Squeak laughing

FX: Knocking on cage door

Eeek: Hey Squeak, answer that.

Squeak: Answer what?

FX: Knocking on cage door

Eeek: That. Can’t you hear? Someone is knocking on our cage door.

Squeak: You mean somebody wants into the cage???

Eeek: Yeah, I guess. Get it, will ya?

Squeak: Oh come on, I got it last time.

Eeek: You did not. There never has been a last time. No one has ever wanted into our cage before.

Squeak: Yeah, I guess that’s right. Well, will you get it anyway? I love this part. They drop the anvil on the cat’s head.

Eeek: (grumbling) Oh, okay.

FX: A long walk up to the front door
FX: Opening the cage door

Eeek: Hello, what do ya want?

Coby: Hi! I’m cousin Coby!

Eeek: Nope, no one here by that name.

FX: Slams the door
FX: Walks back to the TV set.

Squeak: Who was it?

Eeek: I don’t know, some clown looking for a Cousin Coby.

Squeak: Huh? I have a Cousin Coby.

Eeek: Well, he’s not here is he? I mean it is just the two of us here in this stinking little mouse cage.

Squeak: Yeah. I was just saying I had a Cousin Coby.

FX: Door knocking really loud

Eeek: For the love of Pete! Don’t bother getting up, your Highness!

FX: Eeek grumbling and stomping up some stairs and opening the door.

Eeek: What is it??!!

Coby: Hi. I’m Cousin Coby.

Eeek: Yeah, well good for you. There was a guy here just looking for you.

FX: Door slam, walk back

Squeak: So who was it?

Eeek: It was your cousin Coby; I told him his buddy wasn’t here anymore.

Squeak: My cousin Coby! He’s my favorite cousin. I haven’t seen him in years!

FX: quick running up and opening the door

Squeak: Coby, how the heck are ya? What do you have to say for yourself?

Coby: Hi, Squeak. I just dropped by to say, "Hey you kids, whatever you’re doing, cut it out! It’s time for GENUINE…MOUSE…RADIO!!!

This week Karoke

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