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Father and Son Team Produce Rodent Radio  -  Script Notes for Genuine Mouse Radio "Premier Episode"
By John and Finn Straley « Prev   Page 2 of 6   Next »

FX Wheel

Eeek: I hate this cage. Nothing ever happens. Hey Squeak, turn on the TV.

FX Cartoon Soundtrack

Squeak: Cool! Cartoons!

Eeek: That’s not a cartoon you little round rodent. It’s the presidential debates.

Squeak: I guess you’re right. Wow! Bill Clinton looks thinner!

Eeek: That’s it. I’m breaking out of this place. Squeak, stop watching that trash and help me get some tools.

Squeak: Hey, I thought they weren’t going to have Ross Perot on.

Eeek: Come on, look around: You have the chain saw?

Squeak: Check.

Eeek: The jack hammer?

Squeak: Check.

Eeek: A flat file and the jaws of life?

Squeak: Check.

Eeek: The six rolls of duct tape?

Squeak: Got it. Plus a bunch of cotton to chew up and sleep on.

Eeek: Great. Let’s get going.

FX Filing and hammering
TV sound up and under

Fade down
Ken Fate: Okay, we’ve got one last muskeg message. This is to Mona and reads, "Stay out of my food dish or I’ll flush your sling ball down the toilet…again." Love Otis. Well that’s about it for…

FX: Door bangs open and clattering

Squeak: That’s it buddy! Don’t mess with us. We’re two angry mice and we’re taking over this TV station.

Ken Fate: This is a radio station.

Eeek: Whatever, Mr. Bi-Ped. Just show me the camera and then don’t try anything funny. That’s our department. Squeak, hand me the duct tape.

Squeak: I don’t see the camera, Eeek.

Eeek: Don’t worry about it. Mice can see with their ears.

FX: Duct tape off the roll. Ken Fate Struggling. Gagged door slams

Eeek: Hey you kids, whatever you’re doing, cut it out. It’s time for GENUINE MOUSE RADIO!!!

To "Helter Skelter" by the Beatles.

After song, we come back to set up Trivial Pursuit. Mice against the rats. Rats think they are so smart.

Wind down, we tell then to stay tuned in the weeks to come:
Eeek and Squeak go to Las Vegas.
And Eeek and Squeak meet James Bond.

Eeek: "I came to Switzerland for the cheese. How about you Mr. Squeak?"

Squeak: That sounds like a pretty darned good idea.

Back out with "Helter Skelter."

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