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Making a Cookbook  -  My Experience With Electric Bread for Kids
By Sarah Glen « Prev   Page 5 of 5  

Photo from Electric Bread for Kids is of Sarah with her lunch pockets bread

I remember walking into the sweet scented building not knowing what I was going to do. This was how I was introduced to Electric Bread For Kids; I was shown around and introduced to all the other kids in the program. I knew some of them but others were unfamiliar. Pulling an apron over my head, we began to bake.

We made a wide variety of things; from loaves of bread to cheese pinwheels. At the end of each baking session we sat down and discussed what the best way to do every thing was and how to make it easy to understand.

When it came time to make the book we had lots of photo shoots. Some of the photos were of us but others were just of our hands. My favorite thing of all was the taste testing. We got to take home almost everything we made and everything was good. This experience was a lot of fun and we are all proud of the finished product.

Photo from Electric Bread for Kids is of Sarah with her lunch pockets bread.

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