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Mat-Su Mask-Inspired Poems: Justin
By Kaylene Johnson
Genre: Poetry
Category: Student Examples

Justin?s mask

Happy, Special
Draw Drum Compose

I Don't Understand Why

I am a musician and a poet
I wonder if I will make it to the stage
I hear the songs and laughter
I see myself playing for love and for rage
I want to play for the fans and for me and for God above
I am a musician and a poet

I feel the sounds of the thuds and the screams
I pretend to see my fans go insane
I touch the crowd with my nerve-broken hands
I worry if I will make it to the stage
I cry tears of worry and of doubt
I am a musician and a poet

I understand that I might not make it there
I say to myself I can and I will
I dream I meet God with a smile because I make it to the stage
I hope I do make it to where I wish to be
I am a musician and a poet

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