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Noelle Turley's War Poem
By Noelle Turley
Genre: Poetry Level: High School 10-12
Category: Student Examples

My brother, father, uncle, and grandfather
All of them sitting around telling stories
It's quiet and we are all together

The wind is blowing providing a light breeze
The sun is shining down upon our house
We are lucky because we are all safe.

I wake up
They are all gone
I don't know if they will be coming back
Will they have a chance to tell us stories ever again?

The wind is cold and rough
The sun hasn't come out since they left
I don't know if they are safe

Will they ever come back?
Each knock on the door could be
Someone telling me that they are gone
That they won't be coming back

I miss them already
They told us yesterday that they are all gone
They came and knocked on our door

The horror I felt
What about the horror they felt
How did they feel?

We must go on
But never forget them
They gave their lives so that ours would be better

I will remember you
I will not forget
You will always be here because I won't forget

Wish I could sleep and dream that sweet dream
We are all together alive and safe
I don't want to wake up

They are gone
They chose to leave
They are gone forever

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About the Author: Noelle Turley attends West Valley High School in Fairbanks, AK.

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