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Shane's Important Thing
By Shane
Genre: Non-fiction
Category: Student Examples

goalie gloveWhen I was told to write about my most important possession, I thought about what I had. I realized that I am fortunate for everything I have: a house and a family, and I play hockey. Life just doesn't get any better. But when I really thought about what I would consider my most valuable possession, I decided it would definitely be an object so important to me that I have kept it for years, even though I've had many people want to buy it. This object is a goalie glove. This glove was my first-ever piece of official goalie equipment.

I'll never forget walking into the hockey shop and being so excited that I was going to get my first goalie glove; I was jumping into the air like a kangaroo. As we walked into the shop, I looked over to the goalie corner, and there it was. It was the goalie glove of my dreams; it seemed too perfect, so I went over and tried it on. It was perfect. Everything about that glove was just right. Everything, that is, except the price. It cost just under a hundred dollars! I obviously didn't have that kind of money at five years old, so my mom and I made a deal. She would buy the glove, and we would consider it an early birthday present.

Now, seven years later, that glove lies in a locked trunk, wrapped up in a baby blanket. To others, that glove may look like a piece of junk, but to me it looks like gold.

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