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Sarah's Important Thing
By Sarah
Genre: Non-fiction
Category: Student Examples

figurineAs I sit and study this delicate figurine, I start to think about my great-grandma who has been sick lately. I just recently received this gift. I pick it up and run my finger along the rim of the basket and feel a totally smooth texture, even though it is bumpy. When I push my finger along the outside of the handle, I sense what feels like pure ice with a soft touch. Suddenly, as it sits in the palm of my hand, I feel a scratchy surface. I gently pick up the basket by the handle and look at the bottom; that is when I notice a place where the lip of the bottom has been broken off.

As I examine the basket more closely, I see that two of the flowers have been broken off also, leaving only one more flower. The remaining flower stands significantly proud, beautiful, and bold. Then I think of how the other flowers were broken off; maybe they were broken when my great-grandmother was sharing it with a friend or cherishing it quietly somewhere she could be alone. Maybe they were broken when one of her brothers got a hold of it and somehow damaged them.

It could have been only one of her many figurines with really no significance, but maybe it was one of her most cherished and loved. I know that among my other figurines and ornaments, this is one of the more fascinating and beautiful ones.

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