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Meghan's Important Thing
By Meghan
Genre: Non-fiction
Category: Student Examples

bunnyThe most important thing in my life is definitely my toy bunny. It sits on the end of my bed during the day, and at night, it lies beside me. I sometimes imagine that it is watching everything I do. Many people are quite surprised when I tell them that my bunny has never been named. It's name has just remained and will always remain as "Bunny." Neither he nor she, just Bunny!

My favorite feature on bunny's body is the eyes. Although they are not made of glass or any other hard material, they still appear very clear. They stand out on the pink body like shining sapphires against black paper. On the side of its body there is a soft button, which isn't very noticeable because it has faded. When it is pressed, a sweet lullaby can be heard. This was a great tool for getting me to sleep when I was younger.

There is quite a story behind my bunny. It first came into my life when my gran gave it to me at birth. I was very ill and had to go into an incubator, so I could not hold or cuddle the bunny. Bunny was placed in a see-through plastic bag at the end of my incubator. Then it was tied to the trolley underneath. The reason for putting it in a bag was so that it didn't bring any infections into the ward.

My bunny has also traveled a very long distance. I carried it in my hand luggage all the way from Aberdeen, Scotland, to Anchorage, Alaska! Bunny is now 13 years old, like me. My special bunny.

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