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Heather's Important Thing
By Heather
Genre: Non-fiction
Category: Student Examples

moss agate

Last year my very special grandma gave me a Montana moss agate. This was an agate that my grandpa had found along the Yellowstone River. He polished it and gave it to my grandma.This agate has a mark that looks like a flower called fireweed. It has a yellowish background. It also reminds me of where I'm from, because there is a lot of fireweed in Alaska. The reason this agate is special to me is my grandma had a stroke a week ago, and I thought I'd never see her again. I miss her, and I hold this stone as one of my most valued possessions. Some day I hope to get this stone framed as a ring or a necklace so I can hold it close to me at all times to remind me of my grandma and grandpa.

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