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Erin's Important Thing
By Erin
Genre: Non-fiction
Category: Student Examples

Erin's bear

One thing very important to me is my stuffed animal. It is a bear. I remember it was Valentine's Day and I was four years old. I woke up and it was sitting on my dresser. I jumped out of bed to go and look at it. It was so cute. I decided to make it a girl, and I named her Co-Co because she is light brown. When my dad came in and asked if I liked it, I said, "I love her. Thank you Daddy." I played with her all day.Before I got Co-Co, I used to sleep with an old stuffed cat called Snowball. When she got too old, I started to sleep with Co-Co. Over the years, I have spilled things on her, so I have had to put her through the wash. Every time she came out though, she was nice and fluffy again. I got Co-Co when I was four, and I am thirteen now. I have slept with my stuffed animal every night for almost ten years. Sometimes I just hold her, and other times I just lay her above my head. I've had her most of my life, and I'm going to keep her forever. When I move out of my house and go to college, I am going to take her with me. I'm going to take her everywhere I can. If she's not falling apart too much by the time I am old, I plan on giving her to one of my children to keep and love. I do love her. I know it sounds weird, but if anything happened to Co-Co, I would be so sad. She is my important thing.

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