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Anthony's Important Thing
By Anthony
Genre: Non-fiction Level: Elementary 4-6
Category: Student Examples

Anthony and fossilsI'm Anthony, and my special things are some fossil rocks. They are very old rock indentations of leaves that have formed into all different shapes and sizes.

I still lived in Wasilla when I came upon them. I was meeting some of my parents' friends at their house for a party. We all decided to go fossil hunting, so we went on a trail through the woods looking for them. On the way, we stumbled across veins of coal twisting and turning through the ground. I was fascinated by them, and thought they looked like giant worms in the ground.

Later, we saw a huge pond that looked like a large hole in the ground. All around the pool there were frogs! I loved frogs, so I went and caught some. Of course, when I was done, I let them go. Finally, we got to this big, open space that was covered with fossils! We all dropped as if we were dead and started picking them up. One was so big we couldn't lift it!

These fossils remind me of old times and friends back in Wasilla. I loved it there, and that's why they are important to me!

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