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Alex M's Important Thing
By Alex M
Genre: Non-fiction Level: Elementary 4-6
Category: Student Examples

pencilMy most important possession is the pencil I am holding right now. My writing utensil is a short, dull yellow, Integrity No. 2 pencil. Although this possession may seem small and insignificant, it is a large part of my life and is very significant to me.

When I write, it clears my mind and helps me think. My pencil is like my outlet for emotions and thoughts. If I feel sad, I can write about it and feel better. When I'm mad, I can write about it and dump my anger in exchange for serenity. My pencil helps with my emotional control, thought, and anger management.

I take my pencil many places I go. Whenever a thought sparks into my head I can write it down. My pencil records my important thoughts -- things I don't want to forget. My pencil is my best friend, a great companion.

Writing is very important to me. It helps control my emotions and record my thoughts. Without writing or the use of my pencil, my life would be less meaningful. I wouldn't be as good of a person as I am now. My pencil is the most important object in my possession at this time.

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