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Adam's Important Thing
By Adam
Genre: Non-fiction Level: Elementary 4-6
Category: Student Examples

BunnyMy important thing is my cat, Bunny. My first cat, Rocky, ran away one day. We looked for him a long time. One day, about a week after Rocky's disappearance, we went to the pound to look for him. Right as we were about to leave, I heard a high-pitched meow, which I traced to a cute little kitten. Mom and Dad grudgingly took the kitten home with us.

There was a long debate on what her name should be. Mom wanted "Patches," because the cat has white, orange, and black fur. Dad wanted "Booger," because of the black glob on her left nostril. I finally decided on Bunny, because her hind legs are longer than her front legs, causing her to hop; also, she has a little ball of fluff where her tail should be. (She is a Manx, which is a tailless cat from the Isle of Man.)

Bunny has developed some bad habits. For example, at night Bunny will come in and curl up next to me, biting my fingers and purring (such things give her great joy). But, when I hide my fingers under the blankets, she bites my nose. This bad habit extends to my other cat, Tigger, who, greatly annoyed at Bunny?s biting habit, will chase Bunny around the house (which is why we have so many broken lamps).

But, despite her bad habits, Bunny is a very important part of my life, and I am glad I rescued her from the pound.

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