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Joe's Important Thing
By Joe
Genre: Non-fiction Level: Elementary 4-6
Category: Student Examples

Joe?s slingshotMy Grandpa made it for me when I was three. We were at the Deshka River, which is where we fish in the summer. My grandpa told me to go into the woods and find a "y" shaped twig. I journeyed into the forest to find one. I came back to camp with the "y" shaped twig, but the twig was bigger than me. My grandpa sawed it down to size so it fit into my palms. Then my grandpa took my mom?s exercise stretch band, some rope, and some tape and made me a slingshot. I ventured out into the forest and looked for something to hunt. I found a squirrel and I shot at it until I hit it. Then I put it in a bag and went back to camp. When I got back to camp, I showed my mom. She screamed and spanked me until I started to cry. She took me to my grandpa and showed my grandpa what I had done. He grabbed my slingshot and he said to me that what I did was really bad and I should not have done that to the squirrel. He decided to take away my slingshot that I loved. After that, during Christmas, my grandpa would let me shoot marbles at a cardboard box until I ran out. Then he would put it away for the whole year until next Christmas. I got to keep my slingshot the day he died.

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