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Darkness of the Hole
By Sean Stewart
Genre: Non-fiction
Category: Student Examples

One day I came home from school. When I walked into my room, as normal, I set my backpack onto the floor. When I wrote my homework assignments onto the calendar hanging above my desk, I noticed a hole above my desk, so I crawled on to the top of my desk to examine it. This was nevertheless extremely strange, acknowledging the fact that the hole wasn't there yesterday or before.

So, thinking that it was nothing, I went outside to go to my friend's house. When I was taking my bike out of the garage, I bumped the wall. Then in a split second, it happened; bees poured out of the hole as if they were water, and my wall was a giant pitcher. Not knowing what to do, I raced over to my friend's house, escaping the bees. I told him the bizarre story and he said he had some wasp killer. The Raid was the bomb style, not the sprayer that you have to push down. No stopping it, just like a can of field-marking spray paint I had in my room.

So on we marched to the hive. Just before the battle started, I had a headache, so in I went to get some aspirin. My friend, full of excitement, could not wait for me to get back, and he started spraying the hive. Meanwhile, inside my room I started to smell something funny. Again, it happened, bees came out of the hole like a hurricane. Naturally, I blocked the hole by inserting and spraying a can of field-marker paint into the hole. Then I rushed outside to tell my friend, but he was running away.

Later that night my friend said that after he activated the can, it shot off like a cruise missile and hit him in the leg. Therefore, he began to run. There must have been a chemical reaction between the two sprays causing an explosion.

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