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My Fishing Trip to Kenai
By Ralph
Genre: Non-fiction
Year: 2001 Category: Student Examples

On the weekend of September 21, 2001, my dad and I drove to Kenai for a silver fishing trip. This was a memorable weekend because this was the first time that I went fishing on the Kenai River that I can actually remember. My dad and I planned on going for only one day, but we stayed for two. Our friends invited us to stay at their house; this is what happened.

The first day we left Anchorage at about 7:30 p.m. and drove to Kenai. We arrived in Kenai at about 10:30 p.m. When we awoke the next morning, my dad and I drove to the Kenai River where the guide met us, and we started fishing in his boat. In the morning the weather was very, very, very cold. Later on in the day, the weather surprisingly turned warm and the sun came out, reflecting off of the water, making it shine on the side of the boat. I caught one silver, a ten-pound rainbow trout, and my dad caught a silver. At the beach it smelled like rotten fish from the workers just throwing the fish carcasses anywhere.

After fishing, the guide, my dad, and I ate breakfast at a restaurant. After eating breakfast we drove back to the river but with another friend. She caught one enormous silver and I caught another silver.

My dad and I were on our way to go back to Anchorage, but then the guide invited us out to dinner for his birthday.

The dinner at the restaurant was delicious. We stayed another night at our friend's house because we wanted to go fishing the next day.

The next morning we fished again. That day I caught a 12-pound silver and my dad caught a 13-pound silver. It was cold again, but the coldness stayed. The rest of the day we had no luck catching anything. The wind started to blow like a tornado going over a countryside, so we stopped fishing. The waves slapped up against the boat, crashing and splashing water every which way. After fishing, we drove back to Anchorage. On the way home, my dad and I ate at Summit Lake Lodge.

I will also always remember this weekend because of going with my dad. We had lots of fun, and did a lot of things together. It was especially fun with him because we usually don't go fishing a lot. I hope we will be able to go more than once next fishing season.

This will always be a weekend I will remember. Going fishing, eating out, seeing our friends, spending time with my dad, catching three silvers and the most boring part, driving. I will always remember that particular weekend.

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