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Eyes in the Night
By Nicole
Genre: Non-fiction
Category: Student Examples

It was late at night and the temperature hovered below zero outside. The clock above the VCR said 12:36 a.m., so I guessed that Saturday had turned into Sunday. Like a winter rabbit curled up tight in its den, I relished staying up all night playing my video game under a thick blanket over the heater. Taking a break from the video game, I paused to look out the window. That's when I saw it!

Two yellow-green eyes were staring at me like I was their prey. I couldn't see clearly in the pitch-blackness; the night was as dark as ink. The darkness only revealed two yellow-green eyes staring straight at me.

My whole body seemed to have frozen; I don't think I was breathing at the time. The twin eyes showed me a flicker of evil, and they continued to bore a hole through me.

I quickly grabbed the door handle, and without knowing why, opened it to see the devil eyes better, and poked my head out to get a perfect view. As I turned my head around, the eyes were nowhere to be found, as though they had vanished into thin air. I went back into my house, located a flashlight, and put on my coat. Then I raced back outside to find the owner of those eyes! As I scouted across my snow-laden backyard, I turned on my flashlight in front of me to see small footprints in the snow.

"Meow, meow, MEOW!"

I quickly swung my flashlight to where the noise had come from. There, on the snow-covered fence, sat a harmless black kitten with yellow-green eyes. Here rested the creature of my fears and, instead of being a monster, it was just a kitty that needed food and a warm home.

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