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Dimond West Championship Game 2001
By Logan Strid
Genre: Non-fiction Level: High School 10-12
Year: 2001 Category: Student Examples

It was late June and the end of our Little League baseball season. Our team, the Giants, was one of the teams that was playing in the championship game. Our competition was the Marlins. Our teams were equally talented, but my team hit a bunch of singles and doubles into gaps where the fielders couldn't get to them. The Marlins hit the ball far when they got a hold of a pitch. Neither team made many errors. As the pitcher for my team, I had a separate opposition, the Marlins' pitcher, Louie.

The sun was out, there were few clouds in the sky, and it was a great day to play baseball. The bleachers were full and the fences were lined with spectators coming to watch the game. There must have been two hundred people in attendance. We were all nervous but we kept ourselves together.

The game started at 2:00 p.m. We were visitors, so we went up to bat first. The order of the first three batters was Clint, Arik, and then me. We all got out our first at bat. The team knew it was going to be a tough game, for both teams had scoreless first and second innings.

It was in the third inning that we got our first runs. I hit a double, and Bryce hit a double that enabled me to score. We scored three runs that inning. The Marlins came back to get their piece of the pie and scored four runs.

In the fourth inning, we got four more runs, but the Marlins scored an additional three, which made the score tied at seven. Everyone's adrenaline was rushing like a broken faucet. We were all pumped to win.

Our next chance to score runs came in the fifth inning; Arik was up to bat, and he smacked a single into the outfield. Then I hit another double that advanced Arik to third base. Bryce knocked us both in with a long ball in the gap of left center. We added three more runs to our score that inning which put us in the lead. The Marlins stayed at a score of seven.

Now it was the final inning. Our team didn't score any runs, so we had to keep our lead to win. We went out on the field and warmed up with grace, style, and confidence. The first batter up got thrown out at first. The second was ten years old, but he hit a ground rule double off of me. That was discomforting, but everyone got a laugh out of it, even me. The third batter hit a wimpy fly ball that our second-baseman caught. Then the pressure was on for me to strike this batter out. I was hoping he would be the last batter I faced that day. I forced him into a two strikes and two balls count. Then I threw the winning pitch and struck him out. Bryce, our catcher, jumped up in excitement and ran towards the dog pile in the middle of the infield. We had won! We were all filled with joy. There was a big barbeque for both teams and all of the spectators after the game. The Marlins were a little depressed but they still joined in. We were all friends anyways.

This day will stay with me forever as a memorable experience. When I reflect on how I felt as I realized that I won the game, it brings back the feelings of excitement and happiness. Whenever I think of that day, I feel proud of myself.

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