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Making Soccer History
By Lindsay Ingaldson
Genre: Non-fiction
Category: Student Examples

The day of the finals of the Beaverton Cup soccer tournament in Oregon had arrived. My heart pounded as I lined up for the international opening! I became so nervous everything appeared to be in slow motion!

Tweet!! The whistle sounded, and the game started.

Everything sped to normal pace as I gained my confidence. The game was evenly matched. So even, it seemed to go on forever! Back and forth, back and forth. This game was like watching the Wimbledon tennis tournament instead of the Beaverton Cup! It was a relief when the halftime whistle was blown!

After our halftime talk, we resumed play on the field with great expectations that our team could win the game, but it continued to be like tennis. Then, with the final ten minutes remaining, my teammate dribbled down field on a breakaway, faked the goalie out, and scored! It all happened so quickly; the play felt like I was watching a movie on fast-forward. The spectators went berserk as the team huddled up and squealed with happiness.

When five minutes passed the final whistle projected out for everyone to hear! We'd won! The team, along with the parents, jumped and cheered with excitement of this glorious day, for we had just made Alaskan soccer history!

* * *

It was the day of the finals at the Beaverton Cup. My heart pounded because I was so nervous, yet deep down I knew that we could make soccer history, and that day we did.

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