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My Perspective of September 11th
By Christopher
Genre: Non-fiction
Category: Student Examples

It was a bright Tuesday morning. The day was a little windy with the September wind sweeping up the reddish golden leaves as it passed by my house, like usual.

But today wasn't a normal day. Today was the day that went into the history books, permanently.

"BEEP BEEP" went my alarm clock. It was 7 a.m. I usually set my alarm clock at 7:30 but today I wanted to wake up earlier than usual, to use the Internet.

As I got connected to the net I went into the AOL Homepage. There I saw a picture which showed a plane crashing into a large building; two large buildings perhaps. I thought it was advertising the news or something, so I just forgot about it, until my father was talking about what I just saw.

"Two planes crashed into the World Trade Center this morning!" he cried. There was a touch of terror in his voice.

My mother was shocked and so was I. The picture I saw on the net wouldn't go away.

Later at school in my Social Studies class there was a television. On the screen was the CNN news. There were big towers that loomed over the city. We were sure it was Manhattan. We watched in horror as an airliner crashed into the World Trade Center. I couldn't bear watching the second crash. A few minutes later the trade center went down. It was like the Titanic sinking slowly to its death. Pretty soon people were running and screaming, and there was dust everywhere. It covered the camera and destroyed everything in its path. I thought it was pure hell. The crash was played over and over again.

After five reruns, the President gave his speech. President Bush, sad and angry, spoke his speech, which included his future plans. Then something hit me like a ton a bricks. We were going to have a war. But with who was my question.

Weeks passed and the president sent troops to Afghanistan, where the prime suspect, Osama bin Laden, was hiding, and it was him who did this.

When I heard that President Bush sent the Marines, Navy, and Air Force to start a war, it created a tornado. The tornado, made up of evil and hatred, was tearing my heart apart. My family stopped the tornado just in time before I almost died of fright. They told me that we were going to win.

"Pray to God," they told me.

On the news, I saw that everybody was helping the U.S.A. When I meant everybody, I meant everybody in the world. Then I realized that our spirit was going to make us victorious.

As I watched CNN two or three weeks after, I saw Prime Minister Tony Blair speaking.

"... There has to be only one outcome. Our victory, not theirs." And it's true.

Just because of these terror attacks, America was changed forever. The whole world changed. So, September 11th, 2001, will be a reminder of the horror that changed everyone's lives, and a date that will live in infamy.

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