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Review of Catherine Called Birdy
By Laura K.
Genre: Non-fiction Level: Elementary K-3
Category: Student Examples

Laura K.

Catherine Called Birdy, By Karen Cushman

Catherine is 14 years old and feels trapped with a mad father, a mean nurse, and a proper mother. Catherine is nicknamed "Birdy" because she keeps birds in cages in her room. The book is her diary of how she deals with suitors whom she doesn't want to marry and other bizarre problems. She has discouraged many suitors but the richest, ugliest, and nastiest suitor of all will not give up. He gives nasty gifts and delays the wedding long enough that Catherine thinks she might be able to think up a plan to escape marriage. She makes you laugh with witty remarks. This book is great because Catherine never gives up!

Laura's drawing

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About the Author: Laura K. is a 3rd grader at Chugach Optional Elementary School in Anchorage, AK.

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