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Review of Double Fudge
By Amanda F.
Genre: Non-fiction Level: Elementary 4-6
Category: Student Examples

Amanda F.

Double Fudge, By Judy Blume

Fudge is obsessed with money. At breakfast Fudge is drawing Fudge Bucks. Fudge is driving his brother Peter crazy. But life goes out of control when Peter meets his long lost relatives the Hatcher family from Honolulu, Hawaii. Fudge is happy to see his relatives but Peter is going mad. The Hatcher family has these twins called the Natural beauties and Farley Drexel Hatcher. Now Peter is taking care of a double dose of Fudge. His brother Fudge is so happy to find out that there is another Farley Drexel Hatcher! (Fudge and his cousin.) Peter's World is DOOMed! Peter's best friend Jimmy is moving out of the apartment building and guess who moves in? Take a guess and read this funny book.

I dug into this book in a "SNAP" because Judy Blume is a great author.

Amanda's drawing

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About the Author: Amanda F. is a 5th grader at Chugach Optional Elementary School in Anchorage, AK.

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