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How Raven Tries to Kill Wolf and How Raven No Longer Speaks
By Travis
Genre: Fiction
Category: Student Examples

Before humans, Raven was tired of Wolf eating his friends, so he began to make Wolf different kinds of food. Wolf wouldn't eat the animals, so Raven became furious and tried to trap and kill Wolf.

First he used a bear to track Wolf down and tear him up, but that didn't work. Then Raven set a lot of wolf traps and put them around Wolf's den, but Wolf just jumped over them. Raven put bait on the traps and Wolf was almost caught, but got the bait without setting the traps off.

Travis's drawingRaven created Lady wolf and sent her to meet Wolf. When Wolf saw her, he was speechless. She had a coat that was silver that shone in the light, and she was as big as he was.

When Wolf could speak, he said, "Where did you come from?"

Lady said, "Raven made me to come and kill you, but I won't."

When Raven heard what Wolf did he decided to invite Wolf and Lady to his house and have supper, and put poison in their food. When they got there, Raven quickly invited them in. He brought them to the dining room immediately.

Wolf smelled their food and said, "Something's wrong with the food, Lady."

Raven asked, "What's the matter?"

Lady answered, "Something's wrong with our food."

He took a bite and swallowed some of it and spit some out. Raven started laughing and fell on the floor and realized that he put in laughing pills.

Wolf and Lady returned the next day to Raven's house. Samuel, Raven's brother, was with them. "Wolf told me what you did and how rude you were," Sam said.

Raven answered in whisper, "I tried to poison them by putting rat poison in their food, but they were laughing pills."

"You are a disgrace to our family," Samuel said firmly.

Raven was so mad it started raining. It rained for three weeks. Raven was disappointed because he couldn't apologize to Wolf and Lady.

Raven went looking for the wolves. He couldn't find them, so he used his magic. When he found them, they were chasing caribou. His magic was used to kill a caribou. They all ate and fell asleep where they were.

Raven was so full he didn't speak, and he hasn't spoken since then.

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