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How Cory the Dall Sheep Dies
By Sam
Genre: Fiction
Category: Student Examples

One day, over a decade ago, Cory and Sam were best friends and visited each other often. One day they started fighting over a female Dall sheep. A hunter on a small hill nearby saw them and admired their horns. He decided to shoot Cory. When Cory got hit, all of the herd ran away over the other side of the mountain.

After awhile, Sam went looking for Cory and found nothing but a big blood spot. Then Sam knew Cory was dead.

Sam's drawingSam had to plot a way to get revenge for his best friend. Sam went to the hunter's camp and set a bear trap in his tent. Then he went home and went grazing with the rest of the herd.

That night, the hunter came to the camp from hunting Cory and hung Cory's meat up from a tree. He climbed in the tent and -- SNAP! "Youch!" The man ran out of the tent screaming with a bear trap hanging off of his butt.

The next day, the man woke up with a very sore behind. He got up to make some coffee and when he walked, he walked with a limp.

That afternoon, the hunters went fishing down at the stream. Sam came back and set a snare right in front of the tent. Then, again, he went grazing.

That night, the hunters came back and again the booby trap worked. The hunter came to his tent with a backpack full of fish on his back. He stepped right on the snare.

The man went flying up in the air screaming. "Help!" yelled the man, hanging from the tree. But, his friends were looking for a moose or grizzly bear. Just then, Sam heard the man screaming and ran to their camp. When Sam got to their camp he saw the man and said, "That was stupid to shoot Cory."

The man replied, "Who's Cory?"

"He was my best friend," said Sam. "For this I should kill you. I am not as kind-hearted as Cory was, so I know he wouldn't want me to kill you. Just for that I am going to let you live, but I warn you. If you ever come back I will kill you and I will show no mercy."

So that's how Cory, the Dall sheep, died.

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