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The Creation of Mosquitoes
By Megan
Genre: Fiction
Category: Student Examples

One day Raven decided to go visit his best friend, Beaver. Beaver was in the lodge talking with his family.

"Hello Beaver," said Raven. "Come with me. I created a new kind of bug!"

Beaver left his family and followed Raven, feeling very anxious.

"What's it look like?" asked Beaver.

Raven and mosquitoes drawing"Well, they're mainly black and really small. I haven't thought of what to call them yet though," said Raven.

"Hurry up. I really want to see 'em!" exclaimed Beaver.

When they found these bugs, Raven said, "See! Told you they were small!"

"What should we call them?" asked Beaver.

"Call me Fred!" yelled one.

"And me John!" cried another.

"I think we should call them something that's new and original," said Raven.

"Personally," said Beaver, "I like Fred. We should call half of them Fred and half of them something original."

"They should all have the same name though," said Raven, "not individual names. That would get too confusing."

"Then think of something, if you're so creative!" yelled Beaver.

"Well," said Raven, "it needs to be unusual so maybe something about them. They are the most recently discovered bugs, so the beginning of their name will be 'most.' You can think of the end it you want."

"Thank you, Raven. I like Quito, so we can call them 'Mostquitoes.' Plus, Quito's very original," said Beaver.

"Well, I guess that will do," said Raven.

"Don't we have any say in what we're called?" asked a few of the bugs.

"I am bigger, better, and more powerful than you. So I guess, no! Live with it bugs. I mean, you're small and unnoticed, no one will care what you are called," said Raven.

"Unnoticed!" yelled the Mostquitoes. "You are the one who created us to be like we are, so how dare you called us unnoticed! Do you take it back now?"

"No," Raven said firmly. "I never go back on what I say, especially because of some little bug like you! Do whatever you want, but you aren't going to be noticed!"

"Want to make a bet?" they asked. "We'll make you notice us, and you won't forget!"

With that they surrounded Beaver and Raven, buzzing very loudly.

"Stop it!" exclaimed Raven.

"Ha, you did notice us, then, didn't you!?!" the mostquitoes yelled.

Then they began to bite Raven and Beaver. Every time they bit though, more Mostquitoes would appear. The Mostquitoes thought this was great. They had way more on their side now. To this day mostquitoes still bite, but they're not called mostquitoes anymore.

About two years after Raven had created the mostquitoes, Grayjay heard Raven yelling.

"What are you yelling about?" Grayjay asked Raven.

"These darn mostquitoes are bugging me so much," replied Raven.

"We're not bugging you. Anyway, if we are bugging you then you did notice us, so ha, ha, ha!" the mostquitoes replied.

"See what I mean?" said Raven to Grayjay. "They're a royal nuisance. I wish I'd never created them."

That night, Grayjay went home and told his family all about these bugs. You see, only about half of the creatures knew about them. Grayjay had misunderstood Raven, though, and thought he had said mosquitoes, instead of mostquitoes.

That day Grayjay told about fifty other creatures about mosquitoes until Raven heard about it.

"Mosquitoes!" Raven yelled at Grayjay.

Grayjay thought Raven was mad at him for telling so many creatures they were called mosquitoes, you see.

"That's brilliant!" exclaimed Raven. "It sounds so much better than Mostquitoes. I was thinking of changing their name anyway!"

Now Grayjay felt very proud and brilliant. To this day the name mosquito has just kinda stuck.

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