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Why Snakes Don't Live in Alaska
By Mac
Genre: Fiction
Category: Student Examples

One day, long ago, when snakes still lived in Alaska and animals could still talk, Snake was slithering on a tree in the forest. After knocking down his ladder, when Raven came by, Snake said, "Help me Raven, I am trying to climb this tree but I can't. Will you fly me up there?"

"Sure," said Raven, "but I want something in return."

"What do you want?" asked Snake.

"I want one of your eggs," said Raven.

"Forget it!" exclaimed Snake.

"Fine," said Raven, "I will just fly up and take all of your eggs in this tree."

Raven and snake drawing"Okay, okay, fly me up to my nest and you may have one of my eggs." So Raven grabbed Snake and flew him up to his nest. Snake gave Raven an egg and Raven flew off. Snake realized he had left his favorite pinecone at the bottom of the tree so he went and got it. Then he called for Raven so he could get back up. Raven came back and brought Snake to the top.

Then Raven told Snake to give him another egg.

"No," said Snake. So Raven grabbed Snake and flew for miles and miles until he reached what is now called Florida. He dropped Snake into a tree and flew back to Alaska.

When Raven got back he ate Snake's eggs and cast a spell to make it snow and get very cold for over half of the year.

And since then, Snakes have covered almost all of the United States, but not Alaska, since Raven cast his spell.

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