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How Beaver Got a Flat Tail and How Snow Came to Earth
By Lawson
Genre: Fiction
Category: Student Examples

One day Raven was looking for water, when he sighted a pond. He went down to get a drink. When he got down to it, he noticed he didn't see any animals. He said to himself, "This is the first waterhole in miles. Maybe the water is contaminated." He was so thirsty he had to drink some.

He took some in his beak and flew high in the sky. It started to taste funny, so he spit it out. He was so high that it froze on its way down.

Lawson's drawingOne of the big droplets, since ice expands, came out pretty big. On its way down it hit a bear that was sleeping as sound as a little baby. The Bear then woke up and knocked his head on a rock. He screamed, "Ouch! You stupid rock!" Then he got mad and pushed the rock over a cliff. At the bottom a beaver was chopping a tree when -- Smack! -- the rock hit him on his tail. He screamed in terror. The bear climbed down and asked him, "What's the matter?"

"When you knocked that rock over it landed on my tail. My tail is flattened now."

"I'm sorry. I knocked over the rock because something cold bit my face. Let's go ask Raven about this," said Bear.

When Bear and Beaver got to Raven he said, "I spit out water when I was flying very high and it probably froze on the way down."

Bear replied, "Let's name it SNOW, which stands for: Something Not Only Water."

Ever since then, it has snowed in certain places around the world. The places where it snowed, the reptiles left, because it was too cold.

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