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How the Animals Played a Trick on the Villagers
By Katie
Genre: Fiction
Category: Student Examples

"One thousand years ago, Raven created this world. He also created humans. Humans have been taking our homes and making our furs into coats and hats. Raven tricked them many times, but?" Brrring. The school bell rang.

"Remember, you have a paper due next Friday," said Mrs. Fox, the history teacher.

As soon as he was done, Mac, Jeremy, Jake, David, Katie, and Noelle got together. They were a bunch of sixth graders that hung out. Since it was lunchtime, they could talk about every thing they wanted.

"We should get them back," said Jake, the grizzly bear.

"Yah, that's it. We can break into their houses and break their stuff," said Mac the fox.

"And a polar bear could do that," said David, full of himself.

"Can I have your nuts?" said Jeremy the squirrel, completely off subject.

"Only if I can have your clams," said Noelle the otter.

Katie's robin drawing"Maybe we should. I mean, Mrs. Fox wants us to write a paper about how we thought humans would act if they were tricked by animals now days. We can make it a fact," Katie said.

"What's it matter to you? You're just a little old robin that can't do nothing," said Jake, jokingly.

"Raven was also a trickster, so why don't we trick the villagers?" said Noelle, her mouth full of clams.

"Yeah, let's do it this Sunday," said Mac the Fox.

The next day was Saturday, and they all got together to think about the plan.

"We need a net, ropes, paint, and worms," said Noelle at the end of the meeting. Once all the stuff was gathered in the tree house, they all went home for a good night's sleep.

The next morning they headed to the village, the whole while talking about their plans. When they got to the edge of the forest, Jenny ran up a tree and tied the rope to a branch. The rope was tied to a net so when the villagers stepped into it, it would spring up and they would be trapped.

Then Katie the robin flew into someone's house and put paint above their door. Mac the Fox put worms in someone's pies. When she ate it she screamed in horror.

Then David and Jake jumped out of the woods. Since they were both bears, the villagers all ran. When a guy ran into his house, the paint dumped our, right on his head.

Then all the animals chased five villagers to the edge of the wood, snapped up the net, and the villagers were stuck.

The animals went home and wrote their reports, and Mrs. Fox gave them all As.

The End.

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