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How Moose Got on the Loose
By Justin
Genre: Fiction
Category: Student Examples

A long time ago, there was a village that created the first moose. They had floppy ears and their fur was rough. They kept them in a large pen.

On day, Raven was flying over their village, when he saw this large pen with moose in it.

Justin's drawing"How strange," said Raven. Raven felt sorry for the strange and funny-looking things. He thought about how he could set them loose.

"I know, I will get Beaver to chop a space in the pen." He flew to where Beaver lived. Then he saw Beaver swimming in the lake. He flew down and said, "Beaver, come here."

Beaver came over slowly. Beaver was very lazy. Raven said, "You know that village not far from here? Well, next to it is a big area where there are good-sized birch trees around a lake, perfect for building lodges." Beaver was so excited he headed off for the place.

"But there's a large pen around it," said Raven.

"Why?" said Beaver.

"Oh, um, to protect it...yeah!" When they got there, Beaver started to chop through the fence because the logs were too close together to go through them. Beaver paused and said, "I don't see any lake!"

"It's in the woods," said Raven uneasily. Beaver made a space. Then Raven said, "make it bigger."

"How come?" said Raven.

"For all your friends."

Beaver made a big gap. Then they walked across the field and came to the edge of the woods when Beaver saw a bunch of moose.

"Ahhh, what strange and scary creatures." But the moose thought beaver was even stranger with his two sharp teeth and flat tail. They gave out a large groan and went across the field. They went through the gap and spread all around the world, and now people can see moose.

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