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The Creation of Water
By Jenny
Genre: Fiction
Category: Student Examples

A very long time ago, before you or I had come to be, animals had already been created. The world was all land and no water. One day, Fox was taking her usual morning walk when Dotson'Sa came to her and said, "Fox, I have chosen you to be my creator of Earth's water. Your task is to tell all the animals in The Great Wood to climb the world's tallest tree. When you have found this tree, call my name three times exactly, and I will tell you if you have found the right tree."

Jenny's drawingSo, Fox told all the creatures in The Great Wood to come when she found the world's greatest tree. She searched and searched in all the land, but she could not find the tree that Dotson'Sa had spoken of.

She went to Dotson'Sa and told him she could not find this special tree. He told her just this: "You must not believe your eyes. You cannot trust your knowledge. Only your heart can you trust."

Fox thought hard about Dotson'Sa's words, thanked him, and then left, still in search of the great tree.

When Fox was absolutely sure she had found the tree, she called Dotson'Sa's name three times. Then he came again, and observed the tree. He then accepted it and told her to gather all the animals.

Dotson'Sa said, "Fox, you must be exhausted. Why don't you have some of this?" He handed Fox a bowl of something extremely shiny. She drank it but spit it out because the taste was so good it surprised her. When she spit the water out, rivers, lakes, and streams formed.

From then on, we have always had fresh water.

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