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How the Raven Lost His Powers
By Jake
Genre: Fiction
Category: Student Examples

Jake's drawing Raven was always lonely. Nobody liked him because he used to be a trickster. One day, Raven go so lonely that he decided to make a friend. He went upstairs to his room to think.

He thought for days and nights until he finally thought of something. He said, "I think I'll name it Mac."

But then he realized that he hadn't thought of its shape. He thought and thought and thought, but just couldn't think of a shape for it. So Raven decided to go look around to see what shapes there were in the world.

First Raven went to the closest village. He went there and landed. He asked a man if he knew a shape, but the man said, "Never shall I tell anything." So Raven flew up in the air and thought, "I will make my creature a mean, fighting animal." So he went to the next village.

When he got there, he stopped and talked to a kid and asked him the same question. But the kid knew how smart he was and said, "I want to be as smart as you are."

Raven said, "You can't be as smart as I because I am the smartest in the world."

The boy knew that and had an idea and said, "Come back tomorrow." Raven said, "Do you know a shape for my animal friend?"

"Oh yes, make it have a head like a monster, a body like a snake, claws like a bear, and wings separate from its arms."

Raven said, "What a great idea."

Raven flew home. He worked all night. When he was finished, he gave it sleeping powder from a plant and made it go to sleep. When it was asleep, Raven flew back to the village with the boy in it. When Raven landed, the boy hit him on the side of the head with a big stick so hard that all of Raven's talent and smartness fell out the other side of his ear and landed on the boy's back. The boy quickly dumped Raven's smartness into his mouth and swallowed it. Raven knew that the boy was more powerful than he was, so he quickly flew home.

When he got there, the monster was awake. When he saw it, it scared him and he realized that the boy had tricked him. The monster was so scary, Raven started to fly away as fast as he could, but the monster followed him and was much faster. Raven had to look back at him, and one of the times he looked back he ran into a tree, then another, then another, then another. It sounded like this: bunck, thunk, tink, tunk, bank, and so on.

When all this happened, the boy who stole Raven's magic power was down below and heard this noise. He liked it and decided to call it music. Raven fell to the boy's feet and begged him to make the monster go away. The boy said, "I will make it go away if you never bother my people again!" So Raven agreed. That's why Raven does not have magic powers. That's how music was made, and that's how the boy became chief of his village.

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