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How Squirrels Got Revenge
By Jacob
Genre: Fiction
Category: Student Examples

A long time ago, when Raven the Great One was the most powerful thing on Earth, he played a terrible trick on the squirrels. He took all the nuts from them while they were sleeping, and many of them died during the winter, and then he ate the nuts.

Jacob's drawingThe next summer, the squirrels realized what had happened. They began to get very mad at the Raven Clan and began to launch rotten nuts at the large white birds when they would fly by. Even though the squirrels launched many things at the Raven Clan, they still kept coming back.

One day, Sergeant Squirrel was marching his troops to go confront the Raven Clan. Then he thought of an idea. The ravens hated black. He ordered his squirrels to go fill five hundred nuts with black mud. When they got back they took half the nuts for their catapults and the rest they gave to the Sergeant who went to the Raven Clan.

"Raven Clan, this is a gift from the squirrels so that you don't bother us again!"

He told his troops to hide in the woods around the place and wait to fire until all the nuts were gone.

Soon after, the ravens came down and started to eat the nuts. When they were done eating, the raven's stomachs turned all black, but they didn't know. Then the squirrels let loose a barrage of mud-filled nuts at the Raven Clan, which made the ravens black on the outside. The ravens began to fight but soon the ravens flew up to the trees. And from then on, ravens haven't eaten nuts, they don't bother squirrels anymore, and they are all black.

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