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How Sam the Beaver Got his Teeth Knocked Out and His Tail Squashed
By Cory
Genre: Fiction
Category: Student Examples

One year ago, in late July, Raven saw Beaver in a lake, and Raven decided to trick him. In that year, Beaver had a round tail and all of his teeth.

BeaverRaven went down to Beaver and said, "Beaver, do you know that there is another lake on the other side of the road? It is ten times the size of this lake." So Beaver started waddling to the road and Raven yelled after Beaver.

"You better hurry up before the traffic comes." So Beaver started waddling faster, but when he got to the road he had to take a break. Raven saw a semi coming and he said, again, "You better hurry up!" So Beaver, out of breath, starting waddling across, and when he was about on the other side of the truck, EEEECH! It ran over his tail, and flattened it. Beaver was so frightened he ran back across the road. A few days later, when Beaver's tail was feeling better, he started to cut down a tree. Raven flew to Beaver and asked, "How are you doing today?"

Beaver replied, "Better than I was a few days ago."

So Beaver kept on chewing on the tree. When he was almost done, Raven pushed the tree over toward him. Beaver started to turn away but he tripped on a tree branch that had fallen. When he hit the ground his mouth hit a rock and knocked all of his teeth our except his two front teeth, and that's why Beaver has a flat tail and only two front teeth.

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